David Templarios

David Templarios' love for real estate and business ownership was sparked at an early age. Whose passion for the field was kindled during his formative years spent amidst the architectural grandeur of downtown Manhattan and the vibrant business milieu of New Jersey. His fascination for New York City’s towering structures and their role in global decision-making led him to shape a career marked by strategic business ownership and real estate mastery, from the towering structures of downtown Manhattan to the diverse business landscape of New Jersey. David Templarios turned his fascination into a lifelong pursuit.

Today, David Templarios is recognized as a distinguished real estate agent in Hawaii, equipped with a specialized set of skills honed by the business dynamics of the islands. David Templarios was stationed here in Hawaii at the United States Marine Corps. Base Kaneohe Bay. His
academic journey also began in Hawaii at Leeward Community College, where he cut his teeth in leadership roles within the student government; where his tenure in the student government effected considerable changes that enriched the academic environment. He subsequently went on to earn his B.A. in American Studies at U.H. Manoa.

With a rich academic background and an in-depth understanding of the built environment, David Templarios adeptly navigates the complexities of Hawaii’s unique real estate market, endowing him with a potent mix of practical, theoretical, and technical business management acumen that fuels his real estate ventures.

For David Templarios real estate is more than a vocation—it is an opportunity to enact positive change within communities. He strives to enable the buying and selling as well as manage the construction of properties that benefit all layers of society that serve the spectrum of society,
engendering environments where inhabitants can thrive socially, academically, and financially.

Noted for his keen interest in team building, David Templarios possesses the aptitude to assemble diverse talent pools for any project he undertakes. He firmly upholds the tenets of collaboration, leveraging them to propel his objectives in the realm of Real Estate and business

Defying the odds, David Templarios has constructed a robust foundation that surpasses and even transcends the necessary lack of financial, educational, and structure that marked his early life.

His relentless drive and conviction have led him to believe that business management, combined with his real estate acumen, complemented by his real estate expertise, he will always be in

His ultimate aspiration? To stimulate economic growth and civic development in Hawaii and in his home and his native State of New Jersey, by providing be best real estate solutions and economic opportunities. As he looks to the future, he remains guided by the conviction that hard
work, motivation, and actualizing the latent Real Estate potential within every individual.

With a story that's yet to be fully written, David Templarios is more than just a real estate agent; he's a catalyst for change, working tirelessly to ensure that the potential of every individual is realized, regardless of their housing concerns. From his humble beginnings to his current status as a successful real estate agent, David Templarios invites you to be a part of his exciting journey, by creating value through Real Estate for the residents of Hawaii and for those in our beloved nation.